On ambition

In the light of recent conversations and discussions I have had, I have been reflecting afresh on a few key issues today, so please indulge me.

Like a house of hay built on shifting sand, and an edifice of stone set high on a rock, so is ambition made of two main types. One is inordinate, the other noble.

Inordinate ambition is driven by scheming intrigues and devious manipulations. Noble ambition is powered by the sheer force of ideas and the irresistible passion to change lives for the better.

The nobly ambitious is self possessed; the inordinately ambitious is self obsessed. The inordinately ambitious rely heavily on lobbying; the nobly ambitious is headhunted.

Like a house of hay built on shifting sand, the emergence of the inordinately ambitious is sometimes quick, but their standing is unstable, their legacy fleeting, and their overall function tend to peril. Like a house of stone set on a rock, the advent of the nobly ambitious is oriented in deep rooted and far sighted vision of the future, their standing is assured, their legacy enduring, and their overall function tend to liberty and empowerment.

Seun Kolade